winter love ;D
yearh this is no good at all, i have a crush on my teacher.
my best freind only talks about him and how magnificent he is. oh jesus give me a break.
why do i have to feel that way about him now? he really wears the wrong pair of shoes. they are old and brown and very fluffy.. gish ... but he is so cute.

it is so awkward being around him, but he is like 12 years older than me, and that only makes him more attractive to me.
i would diffently do him in the class room, if he asked :) i am really twisted .:D 

Well i am an anime freak i do watch about 10hours a day, which is quiet a lot actuallly but when i watch it i am in a diffrent world my own little fantasy world. where everything is perfect and the girls have pink hair yeaaaahh.. that is the favorite part i love pink hair, but i cant have pink hair because it dosen't last long. and after tree days or so it would be white/pink not pretty!!!!

STOP reading if you cant understand my bad english. ;D 

My horse is finally acting nice and calm, that's one thing in my life thats finally doing great, school suck's but LIVEJOURNAL makes it all better:D  

Writer's Block: Above and beyond
What do you think happens after you die?

that's a god question.

i do believe in "heaven and hell"
i dont see heaven as a paradise and thats were all the good gyes end up when they die..
and i dont see hell as a place where youre soul will burn for an eternity.
if we dont belive in heaven and hell and "good", what would then happen to the world we live in today? would it be diffrent? 
but i do believe that you can choose between heaven and hell personally i HAVE to believe in good to get some where in my life its my rock but i would rather be in hell then heaven i dont now why it's just a feeling i have. 

why not?
hm, i could start out whit the way im feeling or ill just tell you all about how perfect my life is. but that would all be a lie and when i write in here i would write from my heart. that sure did sound pathetic, but thats just how my life is right now and theres nothing you can do about it:D 

today was another day whit these strong emotions i still haven figured out. im always sad but when im at school i always smile even though im sad and cant help wondering why i was born, while writting this i feel depressed, i think i will skip the part where i write about my sad litle life and tell you all about my wierd day: 

this freind of mine cecilie have this crush on our danish teacher, yeah sure he is some hottie he is 30 years old perfect hight and a body thats like ......
i cant help thinking naughty things when i see him but i try to keep them to my self;D 
well cecilie and i was talkin' about how hot he was and that sex whit him wouldt not be so bad afterall, and we sure said that out laud and behind us ouer hot teacher stands, he heard it all. and i have only told you a small part of our conversation that he overheard. hope our litle episode made you laugh a bit :D 

this was all today.  


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